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Mixers are a critical appliance in every commercial kitchen, and The Seattle Restaurant Store is pleased to feature models from four of the world's leading manufacturers: Atosa, Axis, Globe, and Primo. Whether you need to stir up sauces or plow through pizza dough, our Quick Pick Guide will help you find the right mixer to fit your needs and budget.

All mixers below are rated for general commercial use. The Axis AX-M60P and Globe SP62P are specifically designed for mixing pizza and other thick doughs.

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Details Brand Model Mount W D H HP Amps Cap E-Star Specs Get TruPrice
Atosa PPM-10 Floor 15-12" 15-12" 24" 1 10 11 qt TruPrice
Atosa PPM-30 Floor 23" 24" 46" 2 20 32 qt TruPrice
Atosa PPM-60 Floor 28" 41" 21" 3-3⁄4 15 70 qt TruPrice
Axis AX-M7 Countertop 12" 19" 21" 1⁄2 6.0 7 qt No TruPrice
Axis AX-M12 Countertop 13" 19-35" 24-45" 1⁄2 9.0 12 qt No TruPrice
Axis AX-M20 Floor 16-910" 20-45" 36-15" 1⁄2 10.0 20 qt No TruPrice
Axis AX-M30 Floor 22" 22-25" 43-12" 1 15.0 30 qt No TruPrice
Axis AX-M40 Floor 23-710" 27-12" 51-110" 1-1⁄2 12.0 40 qt No TruPrice
Axis AX-M60P* Floor 30-710" 42-12" 60" 3 6.2 60 qt No TruPrice
Axis AX-M80 Floor 27-15" 42-110" 58-15" 4 9.2 80 qt No TruPrice
Globe SP05 Countertop 13" 15310" 17-110" 800w 4.0 5 qt. No TruPrice
Globe SP08 Countertop 11-45" 1545" 22-910" 1⁄4 5.0 8 qt. No TruPrice
Globe SP10 Countertop 26-15" 2225" 48-12" 1⁄3 5.0 10 qt. No TruPrice
Globe SP20 Countertop 18-14" 1912" 34-12" 1⁄2 6.0 20 qt. No TruPrice
Globe SP25 Countertop 24" 1812" 36-14" 3⁄4 11.0 25 qt. No TruPrice
Globe SP30 Floor 23-14" 24-12" 50-34" 1 16.0 30 qt. No TruPrice
Globe SP30P* Floor 23-14" 2412" 50-34" 1-1⁄2 12.0 30 qt. No TruPrice
Globe SP40 Floor 25-14" 3012" 51-12" 2 12.0 40 qt. No TruPrice
Globe SP60 Floor 25-14" 30-12" 5112" 3 23.0 60 qt. No TruPrice
Globe SP62P* Floor 30-14" 41-35" 60" 3 18.0 60 qt. No TruPrice
Globe SP62P4* Floor 30-14" 41-35" 60" 3 18.0 60 qt. No TruPrice
Globe SP80PL Floor 30-14" 38-35" 62" 3 18.0 80 qt. No TruPrice
Primo PM10 Countertop 15" 13" 30" 1⁄2 ** 10 qt. No TruPrice
Primo PM20 Countertop 21" 16-12" 30-12" 1 ** 20 qt. No TruPrice
*Designed specifically for mixing pizza dough. **Not specified.



Atosa is a Farsi word meaning “beautiful.” Just like its name, Atosa’s food service equipment is designed to blend eye-pleasing aesthetics with functionality and style so that your kitchen stands out above the rest. In addtion to meat grinders, Atosa manufactures sandwich prep tables, pizza prep tables, undercounter/worktop refrigerators and freezers, including glass-door merchandisers. Atosa markets its appliances to schools, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and other commercial institutions.


Whatever your commercial mixing needs, Axis has the right size appliance to do the job. These all-purpose mixers use a powerful, planetary mixing action to thoroughly blend, mix and aerate all ingredients with consistent and predictable results. Countertop mixers are small enough to fit into any kitchen, yet robust enough for continuous use. Floor models are ideal for mixing all types of dough, as well as eggs, cream, mayonnaise, etc. If you frequently mix heavy pizza dough, the AX-M60P has been designed specifically for this purpose. All mixers come standard with a two-year warranty on parts and a one-year carry-in warranty on labor.


Whether you need a countertop, bench, or floor model, Globe Planetary Mixers are tough, durable, and built to provide years of dependable operation at a fraction of the cost of other mixers. Globe mixers are ideal for all types of operations from restaurants and school kitchens to pizzerias and corner bakeries. Electronic controls provide greater reliability and accuracy than dial timers. "Last batch recall" remembers the last programmed time when preparing multiple batches to ensure mixing consistency. Cast iron body construction can easily handle the high torque produced when mixing heavy loads. Gears and shafts are substantially thicker to provide greater transmission longevity.


Primo planetary mixers are built to provide years of dependable service. The unique gear-drive design features an extra-long life gear box with heat-treated alloy steel gears and shaft. The bowl and safety guard are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning. Side-mounted controls have separate start and emergency stop buttons, and a safety lock prevents operation when either the bowl is lowered or the guard is opened. 6' cord & plug included. Mixers come standard with a two-year warranty on parts (exclusive of wear items) & one-year warranty on labor.



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