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Washing dishes by hand is not only expensive and time-consuming, it wastes water and is far less effective at sanitizing tablewares than a dishwasher. If you’re thinking about purchasing a dishwasher, the hardest part will be choosing from myriad options.

Dishwashers can be divided into two types: high-temperature and low-temperature. As the name implies, high-temperature machines use extremely hot water for washing and scalding hot water (minimum of 180ºF) for rinsing. Low-temperature machines use cooler water (around 140ºF) and require the use of a chemical sanitizer. There are other important differences as well.

High-temperature units are usually more expensive to purchase and they also require a vent hood, which raises the initial price. High-temperature machines also use more energy. Low-temperature dishwashers are generally less expensive to purchase and install, and they use less energy, but they require a constant supply of sanitizing agents. Low-temperature machines may be a better choice for smaller establishments, particularly if the dishwasher is going to be used in close proximity to customers. However, the sanitizing agent is usually a solution of chlorine, iodine, or ammonium, all of which can be hard on the finishes of dishes and flatware. And you must use a sanitizing agent with a low-temperature machine to maintain proper food safety.

The size of your operation is also a consideration. Since high-temperature dishwashers do not require a separate sanitation cycle, they can wash more dishes in less time. High-temperature dishwashers are also better at removing grease and tough stains like lipstick. Although high-temperature dishwashers generally cost more on the front end, they will probably cost less to operate in the long run because they do not require the purchase of extra chemicals.

The Seattle Restaurant Store is proud to carry a wide selection of all types of machines from two well-regarded manufacturers: Jackson and Jet-Tech. Use the Quick Pick Guide below to compare features and feel free to give us a call if you’d like some additional help. Our professional staff will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to help you find a dishwasher that meets your needs, fits your budget, and exceeds your expectations.

Don’t see what you want? Need it now? Call us at 206.362.4900 (Seattle metro), 800.343.6890 (toll free), email, or simply click on the chat button below.

What is TruPricing?


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View Brand Model Install W D H Temp Racks/hr E-Star Specs Get TruPrice
Jackson Conserver XL-E Door 30-38" 29-12" 68-12" Low 39 TruPrice
Jackson DishStar LT Under 25" 31-516" 24-316" Low 24 No TruPrice
Jackson DishStar HT Under 24-316" 25-38" 33-516" High 24 No TruPrice
Jackson TempStar Door 25-14" 25-14" 64-38" High 60 TruPrice
Jet-Tech F-14 Cntrtp 19-34" 19-34" 23-58" High 20 TruPrice
Jet-Tech F-16DP Under 20-14" 20-14" 29-12" High 24 TruPrice
Jet-Tech 737E Under 23-12" 23-34" 33-12" High 30 TruPrice
Jet-Tech X-33 Under 23-34" 23-34" 33-12" Low 37 No TruPrice
Jet-Tech F-18DP Under 23-34" 23-34" 33-12" High 24 TruPrice
Jet-Tech XG-37 Under 24" 24" 30-34" Low a No TruPrice
Jet-Tech 757-E Door 25-12" 32-12" 61-12" High 60 TruPrice
aGlasswasher is rated at (41) 2-¾" dia. glasses and (49) 2-½" dia. glasses per 2:15 cleaning cycle.



Jackson WWS, Inc. is a full-line supplier and leading producer of high-quality commercial dishmachines, all made in the United States. For more than 80 years, Jackson has manufactured a complete line of quality dishwashers. Undercounter models (DishStar® HT/LT) are great for small dining facilities. Door-type dishwashers (TempStar® and Conserver®) are fast, efficient, and built to last. Dishwashers typically use a gallon or less of water per rack.


Jet-Tech is part of the MVP Group, whose products can be found in every facet of the food service industry. The company’s products are used worldwide in Subway and Burger King restaurants, as well as Marriott and Best Western hotels. Jet-Tech dishwashers are designed to fit your space and your pocketbook. Units are constructed of brushed stainless steel for good looks and long life. Insulated panels ensure quiet operation. Most units are ENERGY STAR®-qualified.


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