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The Seattle Retaurant Store carries everything you need to keep your beers, ciders, and sodas ice cold and ready to serve to thirsty customers. If you use a tap system with kegs, you'll be serving up the coldest beer in town with our direct draw beer dispensers in your bar. Made from stainless steel, these beer dispensers are non-corrosive and exceptionally durable. Lockable doors are self-closing with magnetic gaskets for positive door sealing. Towers are outfitted with a continuous source of cold air to dispense beer at optimum temperature.

Our bar refrigerators are perfect for storing beers, wines, and frosted glasses. We also sell parts and accessories for bar refrigeration systems so you’ll be able to keep your bar running smoothly. Beverage coolers are the perfect choice to keep your beers and wines chilled, or you can choose back bar coolers with glass doors to merchandise your delicious beverages.

The Seattle Restaurant Store carries bar refrigeration appliances from Atosa and Beverage-Air, two of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment. Whatever brands of beer and wines you sell, you’re sure to find the right choice in our Quick Pick Guide below.

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What is TruPricing?


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Details Brand Model Type W D H Cap Kegs Doors HP E-Star Specs Get TruPrice
Atosa MBB59GR Back bar 57-45" 28-110" 40-110" 17.3 ft3 - 2 4 No TruPrice
Atosa MBB59GGR Back bar 57-45" 28-110" 40-110" 17.3 ft3 - 2 4 No TruPrice
Atosa MBB69GR Back bar 68" 28-110" 40-110" 21.5 ft3 - 2 4 No TruPrice
Atosa MBB69GGR Back bar 68" 28-110" 40-110" 21.5 ft3 - 2 4 No TruPrice
Atosa MBB90GR Back bar 89-310" 28-110" 40-110" 30.1 ft3 - 3 6 No TruPrice
Atosa MBB90GGR Back bar 89-310" 28-110" 40-110" 30.1 ft3 - 3 6 No TruPrice
Atosa MBC50GR Bottle cooler 49-25" 27-45" 36-35" 11.7 ft3 - 2 3 No TruPrice
Atosa MBC65GR Bottle cooler 64-45" 27-45" 36-35" 16.4 ft3 - 2 4 No TruPrice
Atosa MBC80GR Bottle cooler 80-12" 27-45" 36-35" 21.2 ft3 - 3 5 No TruPrice
Atosa MKC58GR Keg Cooler 57-45" 28-110" 40-110" 17.3 ft3 2a 2 16 No TruPrice
Atosa MKC68GR Keg Cooler 68" 28-110" 40-110" 21.5 ft3 3a 2 16 No TruPrice
Atosa MKC90GR Keg Cooler 89-310" 28-110" 40-110" 25.8 ft3 4a 3 15 No TruPrice
Bev-Air BB58-1-B Back bar 59" 28-316" 37-14" 23.8 ft3 - 2 4 No TruPrice
Bev-Air BB68-1-B Back bar 69" 28-316" 37-14" 28.4 ft3 - 2 4 No TruPrice
Bev-Air BB78-1-B Back bar 79" 28-316" 37-14" 33 ft3 - 3 6 No TruPrice
Bev-Air BM23-B Portable tap 24" 29-12" 39" 7.8 ft3 1b 1 15 TruPrice
Bev-Air DD50-1-B Direct Draw 50-12" 28-316" 37-14" 19.8 ft3 2a 2 13 No TruPrice
Bev-Air DD58-1-B Direct Draw 59" 28-316" 37-14" 23.8 ft3 3a 2 13 No TruPrice
Bev-Air DD68-1-B Direct Draw 69" 28-316" 37-14" 28.4 ft3 3a 2 13 No TruPrice
Bev-Air DD78-1-B Direct Draw 79" 28-316" 37-14" 34.2 ft3 4a 3 13 No TruPrice
Bev-Air DD94-1-B Direct Draw 95" 28-316" 37-14" 39.7 ft3 5a 3 13 No TruPrice
aOne-half barrel.   bStraight-wall kegs.



Atosa manufactures state-of-the-art commercial refrigeration equipment, including reach-in, undercounter, and worktop models. Atosa reach-in refrigerators are insulated with high-density, CFC-free polyurethane and use digital temperature control to maintain a constant temperature. Interiors and exteriors are finished in stainless steel. Self-closing doors are lockable and also have a stay-open feature for easy loading and unloading. Atosa products include a warranty of two years on parts and labor, and five years on the compressor.


Founded in 1944, Beverage-Air is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment. Throughout its history, Beverage-Air has remained at the forefront of the food service and beverage industries. The company’s vast array of solutions is built on next-generation technologies and a diligent focus on safeguarding food and beverages for consumption. The Beverage-Air portfolio includes glass-door merchandisers, low-temperature display merchandising cabinets, reach-in merchandiser coolers, undercounter coolers, worktop and food preparation tables, beer dispensing equipment, refrigerated and dry display cases, countertop refrigerators, and deli display cases.


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