Countertop Gas Charbroilers

photo steaks meats and vegetables being cooked on gas charbroiler

Charbroilers impart a smoky, grilled flavor to steaks, chicken, and fish and will also put mouth-watering grill marks on sandwiches and vegetables. Countertop models are ideal for smaller operations because they burn less fuel and take up less space than freestanding floor models.

The Seattle Restaurant Store offers a wide range of broilers from two highly regarded manufacturers: Atosa and Wells. Atosa charbroiler grates are made of stainless steel, which makes them easy to clean and extremely resistant to corrosion and rust. The downside is that steel does not retain heat as efficiently as cast iron. Wells charbroilers come with cast-iron grates, which require more effort to clean and mantain, but are more efficient at retaining and transmitting heat over long periods. Cast iron grates also tend to yield darker and more definitive grill marks.

Specialty broilers

In addition to regular charbroilers, we also carry the ATSB-36 Salamander Broiler. This broiler is constructed of durable and easy-clean stainless steel, and employs high-efficiency ceramic infrared burners for quick and even heating.

Whatever you need to broil, our Quick Pick Guide below will help you choose the best model for your kitchen. Don’t see what you want? Need it now? Call us at 800.343.6890 or email

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View Brand Model W D H Brnrs Heat BTUs Grill E-Star Specs Get TruPrice
Atosa/CookRite ATRC-24   24"   27-35" 16-15" 2 Radiant 70,000 Iron No TruPrice
Atosa/CookRite ATRC-36 36" 27-35" 16-15" 3 Radiant 105,000 Iron No TruPrice
Atosa/CookRite ATRC-48 48" 27-35" 16-15" 4 Radiant 140,000 Iron No TruPrice
Salamander Broiler
ATSB-36 36" 18" 25" 2 Infrared 43,000 Steel No TruPrice
Wells HDCB-1230G 14" 30-12" 18-18" 2 Radiant 40,000 Iron No TruPrice
Wells HDCB-2430G 24" 30-12" 18-18" 4 Radiant 80,000 Iron No TruPrice
Wells HDCB-3630G 36" 30-12" 18-18" 6 Radiant 120,000 Iron No TruPrice
Wells HDCB-4830G 48" 30-12" 18-18" 8 Radiant 160,000 Iron No TruPrice



Atosa is a Farsi word meaning “beautiful.” Just like its name, Atosa’s refrigeration, gas equipment, and smallwares are designed to blend eye-pleasing aesthetics with functionality and style so that your kitchen stands out above the rest. The company manufactures sandwich prep tables, pizza prep tables, undercounter/worktop refrigerators and freezers, including glass-door merchandisers. All of Atosa’s merchandise is environmentally safe, utilizing CFC-free refrigerants in both refrigerators and freezers. In addition to the food service industry, Atosa markets to schools, hotels, restaurants, markets and other commercial institutions.


Wells Manufacturing was founded in San Francisco in 1920 to produce electric cooking products. In 1925, the company’s founder invented and patented a new waffle maker, a move that launched the company into the commercial appliance industry. Today, Wells/Bloomfield continues to focus on research and development to meet changing market needs. The company’s major product lines include electric fryers, griddles, convection ovens, broilers, food warmers, Wafftoasters, hot plates, waffle bakers, and other specialized products for restaurants.


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