Worktop Freezers

When space is at a premium in your kitchen, a worktop freezer may be the perfect solution. Worktop freezers provide your kitchen staff with extra room to work without taking up preciousa square footage in your kitchen. These units are 38.5" high (including 5" casters), the perfect height for food preparation. (Optional 1" and 2.5" casters are available to meet ADA requirements and accommodate employees with disabilities.) The interior, exterior, and shelves are constructed of stainless steel for the utmost in cleanliness and durability. The entire cabinet structure is foamed-in-place using high-density, CFC-free polyurethane insulation. External digital temperature display allows easy monitoring. Self-cleaning condenser system uses a rotating brush that automatically cleans the filter several times a day to avoid dust buildup on the condenser. Inside, bright LED lighting lasts longer, radiates far less heat than conventional bulbs, and saves energy.

The Seattle Restaurant Store carries a complete line of worktop freezers from Turbo Air in widths ranging from 27.5" to 60.25" and capacities ranging from 7 to 16 cubic feet. The Quick Pick Guide below will help you compare features, but feel free to call us if you have any questions. A worktop freezer is an investment in your business and we want you to make the best investment possible.

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What is TruPricing?


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Details Brand Model Type Access W" D" H" Min (°F) Max (°F) Cap (ft3) HP Amps E-Star Specs Get TruPrice
Turbo Air TWF‐28SD‐D2‐N Reach-in Drawers 27.5 30* 38.5 -10 0 7 3/8 2.6 No TruPrice
Turbo Air TWF‐28SD‐N Reach-in Door 27.5 31* 38.5 -10 0 6.8 1/3 2.4 No TruPrice
Turbo Air TWF‐48SD‐D2‐N Reach-in Combo 48.3 31* 38.5 -10 0 12 1/3 2.8 No TruPrice
Turbo Air TWF‐48SD‐D4-N Reach-in Drawers 48.3 31* 38.5 -10 0 12 1/3 2.8 No TruPrice
Turbo Air TWF‐48SD‐N Reach-in Doors 48.3 31* 38.5 -10 0 12 1/3 2.4 No TruPrice
Turbo Air TWF‐60SD‐N Reach-in Doors 60.3 31* 38.5 -10 0 16 1/2 5.6 No TruPrice
*Includes 1" for rear spacers.   Includes standard 5" casters. Optional 1" and 2.5" casters are available to accommodate employees with disabilities.

Turbo Air

Turbo Air is all about doing more with less: more performance with less energy consumption. A big part of that is Turbo Air’s patented self-cleaning condenser, an innovative feature that uses a fine mesh filter to protect the condenser coil from debris. A rotating brush moves over the filter two to three times per day to keep it clean and prevent dust and dirt from reaching the condenser. Dust buildup prevents the condenser from properly releasing heat. This forces the compressor to work harder and longer, and is a leading cause of premature compressor failure. Turbo Air appliances also use "smart fan" technology to reduce energy consumption. Many refrigeration units have circulation fans that run non-stop 24 hours a day, and those fans generate significant amounts of heat, particularly when the compressor is not running. Turbo Air appliances have a built-in sensor that stops the fan motor from running as soon as an increase in temperature is detected. This saves as much as 25 percent in energy costs and increases the lifespan of the compressor.



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