Pizza Prep Tables

Prep tables are equipped with food pans on top and a refrigerated cabinet underneath. Tables come in two “flavors”: pizza prep and sandwich prep. Click here to see our line of sandwich prep tables.

The work surfaces of pizza prep tables are about 20 inches deep. These tables will often have a raised rail for pans and one above the service area for toppings. Some prep tables also offer a "mega-top" option, which provides up to 50 percent more storage capacity in the food-pan section.

The Seattle Restaurant Store carries a full line of prep tables from Atosa, Beverage-Air, and Turbo Air, in widths ranging from 27 inches to almost 10 feet long, and capacities ranging from 6.5 to 52.5 cubic feet. The Quick Pick Guide below will help you compare features, but feel free to call us if you have any questions. A prep table is an investment in your business and we want to help you make the best investment possible.

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What is TruPricing?


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Details Brand Model W" D" H" Ft3 Drs Top HP E-Star Specs Get TruPrice℠
Atosa MPF8201GR 44 33.1 44 9.7 1 Std 17 No TruPrice
Atosa MPF8202GR 67 30 44 18.5 2 Std 15 No TruPrice
Atosa MPF8203GR 93 30 44 28.4 3 Std 14 No TruPrice
Bev-Air DP119 119 36.4 43.4 52.5 3 Std 13 TruPrice
Bev-Air DP46 46 36.4 43.4 16.7 1 Std 14 TruPrice
Bev-Air DP67 67 36.4 43.4 27 2 Std 14 TruPrice
Bev-Air DP93 93 36.4 43.4 39.8 3 Std 13 TruPrice
Bev-Air DPD-119-2 119 36.4 43.4 52.5 5 Std 13 TruPrice
Turbo Air TPR‐67SD-N 67 32.3 36 20 2 Std 23 No TruPrice
Turbo Air TPR‐67SD‐D4‐N 67 32.3 36 20 4 Std 23 No TruPrice
Turbo Air TPR-93SD-N 93.4 32.3 36 31 3 Std 23 No TruPrice
Turbo Air TPR‐93SD‐D2‐N 93.4 32.3 36 31 4 Std 23 No TruPrice
Turbo Air TPR‐93SD‐D4‐N 93.4 32.3 36 31 5 Std 23 No TruPrice
Turbo Air TPR‐93SD‐D6‐N 93.4 32.3 36 31 6 Std 23 No TruPrice
Total combined number of doors and drawers in unit.
‡Not all manufacturers allow us to post prices on the Web. To obtain prices for Beverage Air and Turbo Air appliances, simply add the item to your no-obligation QuoteList and we will email you the price.



Atosa is a Farsi word meaning “beautiful.” Just like its name, Atosa’s refrigeration, gas equipment, and smallwares are designed to blend eye-pleasing aesthetics with functionality and style so that your kitchen stands out above the rest. The company manufactures sandwich prep tables, pizza prep tables, undercounter/worktop refrigerators and freezers, including glass-door merchandisers. All of Atosa’s merchandise is environmentally safe, utilizing CFC-free refrigerants in both refrigerators and freezers. In addition to the food service industry, Atosa markets to schools, hotels, restaurants, markets and other commercial institutions.


Founded in 1944, Beverage-Air is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment. Throughout its history, Beverage-Air has remained at the forefront of the food service and beverage industries. The company’s vast array of solutions is built on next-generation technologies and a diligent focus on safeguarding food and beverages for consumption. The Beverage-Air portfolio includes glass-door merchandisers, low-temperature display merchandising cabinets, reach-in merchandiser coolers, undercounter coolers, worktop and food preparation tables, beer dispensing equipment, refrigerated and dry display cases, countertop refrigerators, and deli display cases.

Turbo Air

Turbo Air prep tables combine pleasing aesthetics with innovative design. The tables feature a mesh filter that protects the condenser coil from debris. A rotating brush moves over the filter several times per day to keep it clean and prevent dust and dirt from reaching the condenser. Turbo Air prep tables for salads/sandwiches and pizza are generally identical except for the width of the cutting board. Sandwich prep tables have a full-length, 9-1/2" wide by 1/2" thick cutting board, while pizza prep table full-length cutting boards are 19-1/4" wide by 1/2" thick. The additional width accommodates large pies.


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