Don’t like surprises?
We don’t either.

That’s why we offer TruPricing on all our products. Some stores lure you by advertising a “base” price, only to tack on extra charges and fees at the end of the sale.

We don’t do that.

We generally don’t list prices on our website for two reasons. In many cases, manufacturers do not allow us to advertise prices. Even if they do, “base” prices seldom tell the whole story. To get a complete and accurate price, simply add the products you’re interested in to your QuoteList and submit it to us. We’ll respond right away with a complete price that includes charges for delivery and installation (if requested). Due to the complexity of local options, we’re not able to include Washington State sales tax in your quote (the range is 7.0% - 10.4%), but it will be figured when your order is finalized. If we can offer you a package deal on your entire order, we’ll let you know about that, too. In other words, we quote you the true price, not just the starting point.

Competitive. Transparent. And no more “surprices.” That’s TruPricing from your Seattle Restaurant Store.